Bail Bond Pre-Licensing

Choose from traditional classroom, independent self-study, or a self-study with prep!


Full classroom experience with a Licensed Bail Bond Agent. 20 hr. course provides pre-licensing certificate of completion and immediate access to the State Licensing test. No pre-exam required.


Online Self-Study

Learn at your own pace with all the self-study materials provided for you. Pre-exam required with a passing score before Pre-Licensing certificate can be issued. State Licensing test required upon course completion.


Self-Study with Prep

Our popular self-study course with the addition of a 2 hr. Prep session with a Licensed Bail Bond agent (via Zoom or teleconference). Pre-exam required before Pre-Licensing Certificate can be issued. State Licensing test required.


Ohio has specific requirements on what is needed before you can take the state exam. Prior to taking an examination, Ohio resident applicants must complete a pre-licensing education course from an approved pre-license provider. The educational requirements may be met by either successfully completing a 20 hour classroom course, or successfully completing an approved self-study course. Upon completing the required pre-licensing education program, applicants will be issued a Course Completion Certificate for the line of authority completed. This certificate is valid for a period of 180 calendar days, and the corresponding state exam must be successfully completed during this period. Applicants will not be admitted to a state exam without the original, unaltered course completion certificate(s) for each corresponding line of authority. We offer both of the above options to obtain your course completion certificate.


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